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Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Enginee

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2015

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A151: Learn to Draw, Part 1: basics of drawing in Splash Spring 14 (Apr. 26, 2014)
Learn basic drawing techniques in a friendly, any-level-of-experience environment. You can learn about shading techniques, tools for drawing people, perspective techniques, all sorts of tools and tricks.

A154: Learn to Draw, Part 2: People, Poses, Figures, and Faces in Splash Spring 14 (Apr. 26, 2014)
Learn tips and tricks on drawing humans! Body proportions, posing/body language, facial structure, facial expressions and more will all be covered. All experience levels welcome.

A22: Drawing Figures - Body Language and Other Cool Things that make art interesting! in Splash Spring 13 (Apr. 27, 2013)
Have you ever realized how much we communicate through body language? One of the best tools in making your own art is being able to draw the appropriate body language! This will be a fun, easy-going setting, meant for people of all creative inclinations. (Seriously. You can make beautiful drawings with only stick figures if you draw expressive poses! You do not have to be a talented artist by any means, all are welcome!)

A23: Faces! How do draw a face, show emotion, and other neat tips that make faces easier to make! in Splash Spring 13 (Apr. 27, 2013)
Human faces often pop up in art, but actually creating something that passes for a face can be very difficult, especially if you're not artistically inclined. Don't let that stop you! Learn easy tips that let you make your own art. You'll surprise yourself at how good you can be when you try! Sometimes, you just need a few quick, easy tricks to solve the problem Because of the subject matter, this provides a great opportunity to discuss the marvel that is the human face, and all the things it can express!