Teacher registration for Splash 2023 will open Feb 20th

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Teach Anything

Hi Princeton student! (undergrad and grad!)

From amazing dance troupes to tight-knit affinity associations, our university community is filled with talent and skill, and we hope to share all your passions with local high school students through our one day event, Splash.

You can teach anything! No class idea is too far-fetched. For an hour or two on a Saturday, you can get high school students excited about what excites you, perhaps inspiring them for life!

2022 Course Catalog

Need ideas? Check out last year's course catalog here!

Other Details

You get free lunch, a t-shirt, and stickers!

Wanna teach with a friend, or your entire student group? Sure!

You can request materials for your class. Anything! Examples:

Multiple copies of a card game to play with students

Painting materials for an art class

There will be teacher training sessions to help you make your class the best it can be!

Teacher Testimonials

It was really neat to see some of my students become genuinely interested in the subject matter. One of them was very eager to keep practicing calligraphy afterwards.

It was great to interact with the kids!

This was amazing! It was my first time teaching and I'm glad I did! This can be such an influential experience for the students, and it's incredible to be a part of that.

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