Princeton students! Teacher registration for Splash 2023 is now closed!

2023 Teachers can access class info and management here.

Teach Anything

Hi Princeton student! (undergrad and grad!)

From amazing dance troupes to tight-knit affinity associations, our university community is filled with talent and skill, and we hope to share all your passions with local high school students through our one-day event, Splash.

You can teach anything! No class idea is too far-fetched. For an hour or two on a Saturday, you can get high school students excited about what excites you, perhaps inspiring them for life!

2022 Course Catalog

Need ideas? Check out last year's course catalog here!

You can also check our team page!

Questions and Answers for Prospective Teachers

  • What's the time commitment? One hour to teach a class on any topic you'd like on the day of Splash, April 22. You can teach the same class multiple sessions throughout the day, and college students often teach two to three sessions, though you're welcome to stick with one. 
  • What types of classes can I teach? Anything ... that's legal! We want high school students to get a flavor of the diversity of courses offered in college, and the more niche your topic, the better. Even if you have an unconventional idea about a class, turn it into a Splash course. 
  • Why teach? Turn your passion into a class to get more folks interested in something they may have never heard of. We don't mind if you lack teaching experience. Teach at Splash to get experience. 
  • What types of classes should I not teach? Truly any topic is on the table, but we shy away from classes that students are forced to take by their parents. For example, while we'd love to help students get into college, a course on "How to get into Princeton" or "How to get a perfect score on the SAT" doesn't impart excitement in a new topic, nor is there a correct answer, so we shy away from such topics. Our goal is to make learning for the sake of learning fun. 
  • What's the purpose of Splash classes? We instill excitement about a topic that a high school student otherwise would have never heard of or would not choose to study in college, in part because of graduation requirements and financial constraints. For instance, high school students come to take a class about Korean skincare or chocolate making and find themselves a new hobby at home, even if they don't turn into masters within a class session. 
  • How does my course fit into the high school student Splash day? Your class will be one of four to five classes that a student takes in one day. Think of the high school student as a college attendee who's attending a professor's lecture, and that professor is you, the college student. 
  • What if I need materials to create a class? We buy materials for you after you register as a Splash teacher and tell us how much stuff you need. Past examples of class materials have included card game copies and materials for an art class.
  • What's the optimal class size that I should specify on the site? Plan for a 60% attendance rate depending on the number of students you want in a class. If you'd like 30 students, we encourage you to increase your class size number in case students don't show up on the day of the program or can't find your class in time. 
  • What format of the class is ideal? Lectures (30-50 students) and seminars (15-20 students) are common, though performing and visual arts groups may ask for studios. We book rooms across campus to accommodate your requests.
  • Can I teach with multiple people? Yes! In the past, we've had the co-directors or officers or student organizations teach a topic that's based on the mission of their club activity. For instance, if you're part of a dance organization and want to teach a style, find another friend to tag team the experience. Most teachers prefer individual presentations, but we also have a fair share of 2-4 teacher team sizes.  
  • Quickly, how do I teach at Splash? Register for a Splash course with the title and description on our website. Specify the number of students that you want in a class. Attend a training session with free food. Teach on the day of Splash and get excited! 

Teacher Testimonials

It was really neat to see some of my students become genuinely interested in the subject matter. One of them was very eager to keep practicing calligraphy afterward.

It was great to interact with the kids!

This was amazing! It was my first time teaching and I'm glad I did! This can be such an influential experience for the students, and it's incredible to be a part of that.

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