Raheem Idowu 🦫

Fav class to teach: Web Hacking

Fav class to take: Fire Spinning

Raheem is a math/cs sophomore from Trondheim, Norway. He also organizes Science Olympiad and INTERFACE, and enjoys going for long jogs very early in morning. He is currently waiting for the second season of Chainsaw Man.

Isabel Schoeman πŸ•

Fav class to teach: How to do a crossword puzzle

Fav class to take: Anything related to chocolate

Isabel is a Junior from Brooklyn, New York majoring in Politics. In addition to Splash, Isabel is an EcoRep Leader on campus and a Peer Academic Advisor. She loves to read and do jigsaw puzzles in her free time, and she also is obsessed with her dog, Clementine.

Kareem Jaber 🐧

Fav class to teach: 3D printed puzzle design!

Fav class to take: How to play the harmonica :)

Kareem is a freshman from Chantilly, Virginia, planning to major in mathematics. On campus, he's an officer on Princeton's Rock Climbing Team. He spends a lot of his time designing puzzles, hiking outside, and working on random engineering projects. As a past student of MIT Splash, he's very excited to be on the organizing and teach side of Splash this year!

Michelle Ho 🐱

Fav class to teach: Roman Mosaic Making

Fav class to take: Variations of the Rock Genre

Michelle is a freshman from Johns Creek, Georgia planning to major in Classics. On campus, she's involved with the Daily Princetonian as well as Arch and Arrow. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, reading, and listening to music.

Annie Kim πŸ¦‰

Fav class to teach: Korean mythology in dramas

Fav class to take: Introduction to something STEM-related

Annie is a freshman from Seoul, South Korea planning to major in English. Outside of the classroom, she’s involved in Sinfonia, EMP Singers, Chapel Choir, and Hatch Tutors. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching movies.

Justin Luo πŸ¦†

Fav class to teach: How to set good habits and get rid of bad ones!

Fav class to take: A meditation course!

Justin is a senior in the Operations Research and Financial Engineering department from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. On campus, he is involved with Tiger Investments, Club Tennis, and Princeton Debate Panel. When not in class, he can often be found living in the economics building, munching on croissants from Little Chef, or playing Smash with friends.

Umar Samdani 🐧

Fav class to teach: How to master the free throw shot in basketball

Fav class to take: The evolution of Spiderman in media

Umar is a freshman at Princeton University concentrating in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Outside of Splash, Umar likes to run outdoors, play basketball, and read a good book!

Sofia Sepulveda Pizarro 🐷

Fav class to teach: The Scully Effect: On Representation of Women in STEM on TV

Fav class to take: The Politics of Opera

Sofia is a first-year student studying Molecular Biology and pursuing certificates in Global Health and German Studies. She is originally from ViΓ±a del Mar, Chile but has lived in central New Jersey since middle school. She is a member of the Women's Wrestling Club, USG Social Committee, and Red Cross Blood Drive. She is planning on becoming a doctor and helping to advance urban public health. In her free time, she reads (mostly sci-fi) books and listens to Spanish music from the last century.

Shirley Yang πŸ¦™

Fav class to teach: history of K-pop

Fav class to take: the story of Scandinavian cuisine

A long time student of Columbia and MIT Splash, Shirley is from Queens, New York and a junior majoring in Molecular Biology. She is passionate about combatting inequities in education access and healthcare. Outside of Splash, Shirley is involved with the HighSteppers and SIFP.

Jackie Wang πŸ¦†

Fav class to teach: Continuous line drawings (drawing shapes using only a single line)

Fav class to take: how to play hanabi

Jackie is a sophomore from Virginia studying computer science. She enjoys drawing, painting, and listening to music outside of class.

Eden Michael 🦦

Fav class to teach: "The Chemistry off Baking" or "The Mathematics of Running"

Fav class to take: Intro to Crochet

Eden is a freshman from Bainbridge Island, Washington. She is planning on studying mathematics and chemistry, but her dream job is a combination of professional trail running, mountaineering, and wilderness exploration. In her free-time she enjoys running, baking, and scrolling through the Daily Princetonian Humor Section. On campus, Eden is also involved with Running Club, Outdoor Action, and Kesher!

Leo Rupp-Coppi 🦦

Fav class to teach: Biblical canon formation

Fav class to take: Basic quantum physics

Leo is a junior in the history department from Madison, Connecticut. Outside of Splash, he is involved with Community House. In his free time, he enjoys listening to poorly made Italian trap music.

Myles Anderson πŸ¦†

Fav class to teach: Guitar Basics

Fav class to take: Quantum Information

Myles is a first year in the ECE department from Toronto, Canada. In addition to Splash, he is also a part of the Princeton Neuroscience Network. In his free time, Myles can be found playing his guitar, yo-yoing, and speeding around campus on his bike. After college, he hopes to pursue a career in engineering or finance.

Autumn Tan 🐼

Fav class to teach: how to crochet!

Fav class to take: how to set good habits and get rid of bad ones

Autumn is a senior from Dallas, TX studying Computer Science. Outside of the classroom, she is involved with Princeton Women in CS and Tiger Capital Management. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting and listening to music.

Rachel Yan 🐧

Fav class to teach: Crochet a Cat

Fav class to take: Calligraphy

Rachel is a sophomore studying chemistry. She is from the amazing town of East Brunswick, NJ. In addition to Splash, she is also part of Princeton University Science Olympiad. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, reading, and solving puzzles at 4am.

Cameron Farid 🐈

Fav class to teach: The Miracles of the Industrial Revolution

Fav class to take: Swordfighting 101

Cam is a first-year student from northern New Jersey. He is planning on concentrating in mechanical engineering, with interests in energy and manufacturing. Outside of class (and Splash), he is also a board member for the Princeton University Energy Association. He enjoys hanging out with friends, tinkering with model engines, and watching Breaking Bad (and Better Call Saul, which is just as good!).

Anne Wen 🐼

Fav class to teach: Everything you need to know about Guam

Fav class to take: Everything you need to know about Korean skincare

Born and raised on Guam, Anne co-directed Splash during her sophomore year of college. Now a senior in East Asian Studies, she's run three Splash programs and been to SplashCon, the signature annual event of Splash admins gathering. She's taught a course about Guam and few things get her more excited than talking about the Pacific.

Zachary Siegel 🦭

Fav class to teach: Philosophical Thinking 101

Fav class to take: The History of Education in the United States

Zach is studying computer science and education at Princeton and is a part of the Splash! board where he is responsible for organizing the busing operations between Trenton and Princeton to increase the accessibility of the program. Zach also enjoys teaching, having taught "Introduction to Sorting Algorithms" at Splash last year and is dedicated to improving the pedagogical practices across Splash! Princeton as a whole.

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