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Welcome to Princeton Splash, a student-run organization at Princeton University

Welcome to Princeton Splash!

Thank you to everyone for your participation in Princeton Splash 2015! We had over 225 students on campus for this year’s third annual Splash on April 25, 2015!

Splash is a day-long learning extravaganza where high school students (grades 9-12 only) can come to campus and take any number of classes taught by Princeton students. The courses offered are created by Princeton students, and they cover a wide variety of interests and skill levels that range from highly technical math courses to engaging hands-on activities.

In addition to creating a profile on this site, filling out the Release, Waiver, and Consent Form prior to attending Splash is mandatory! All of the relevant details about this year's program, including costs and transportation can be found here.

Please like us on facebook and tell all your friends about Princeton Splash! Also, please feel free to view photos taken at Princeton Splash-2014!

The Splash Admin Team!

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Princeton Splash 2014 was made possible by funding from:
Pace Council for Civic Values
Lewis Center for the Arts
USG Projects Board

Lewis Center Pace Center USG

Past Announcements

  • (Saturday, April 26, 2014) Our second Princeton Splash was, once again, a huge success! 204 students and 87 teachers attended the program that day. Check out our course catalog to see the variety of great classes we offered this year.
  • (Monday, April 21, 2014) Student registration (extended) is now closed!
  • (Monday, March 31, 2014) Student registration is now open!
  • (Monday, March 24, 2014) Teacher registration (extended) is now closed!
  • (Monday, February 3, 2014) Teacher registration is now open!
  • (Saturday, April 27, 2013) Our very first Princeton Splash was a huge success! Check out our course catalog to see the variety of great classes we offered. Here are photos!

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