Hi Princeton student! (undergrad and grad)

Want to help out but teaching is too big of a commitment?

Help Us Out

Firstly, you can help us even without volunteering! Check out the list below:

  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook; please like and share!
  • Tell your friends to teach for Splash! For example, that friend that can't stop talking about their hobbies, clubs, classes, or interests.
  • Know high schoolers in the area? Siblings, family friends, old classmates? Tell them about Splash!
  • Consider co-teaching a class with a friend, two, or an entire student group! More people = less work!

Day-Of Volunteering

Also would like to help us day-of? Perfect - you'll get a free tshirt and lunch!

Tasks include helping students get to their classes, checking students in, making sure everyone gets food, and delivering materials to teachers! Volunteers are critical to a successful Splash!

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Admin Team

Want to help organize future Splash events? Join the admin team! Any student can join, from the baby 2027s (look out for our upcoming Princeton Preview event!), to the 6th year graduate students. Keep an eye out for emails from our newsletter!

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