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Welcome to the handy dandy parent page!  

Here is everything you need to know as a parent to help your kids prepare for Splash!

My kid is attending Splash!  Is there anything I need to do?  Are there any permission slips required?

Yes, we ask that all students under 18 who are attending sign a permission form that we will send out toward the day of Splash.

How involved should I be in helping my kid pick their classes?

Splash is a great opportunity for students to experience a taste of the life of a college student. One important tenet of our program is to enable students to explore their own intellectual curiosities. Therefore, we highly encourage letting your child pick their own classes

So what is there me to do during Splash!

We'll be hosting a parent panel from 10-11am (right after registration) where you can ask questions to current Princeton students about what life at Princeton is like! We also recommend participating in an Orange Key Tour or following the self-guided tour on the same website. On the day of the event, we do not allow parents to shadow their child or to sit in on classes to give them the opportunity to freely explore topics that interest them and interact with other students. 

I've been sending emails to but haven't received a response.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience! We've been having technical difficulties with our primary email. For now, try reaching out to our co-directors Umar ( and Sofia (

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