Student registration for Splash 2023 will open March 20th

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Learn Anything

Come spend a day on Princeton's campus taking classes on everything and anything, from computational neuroscience and K-pop dance to classical mythology and botany, taught by passionate Princeton students.

Are you interested in beatboxing? Skincare? Calligraphy? Whatever your interests, there are Splash classes for you!

2023 Course Catalog

This year's course catalog has not been finalized yet, but you can check out last year's course catalog here.

Program Details

Completely free! (lunch as well)

For high school students (grades 9-12)

April 22nd, 2023 from 9am (check-in) to 5pm

On the campus of Princeton University

(more details for parents here)

Student Testimonials

I think just the fascinating classes offered were the best parts of the program. The instructors were incredible and super engaging!

I enjoyed talking to students there and connecting with them about subjects they study and I'm interested in personally.

I thought it was great how everything was an open learning opportunity, and I got to meet a lot of friendly new people.

The classes, food, and campus were awesome. I loved the people and the teachers. Art Block Printings was so much fun!!!! I made a charmander stamp and it’s sooooooo cute!!!!

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