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DAVID GUIRGIS, blogger, activist, and aspiring journalist.

Major: Journalism and Creative Writing

College/Employer: F-Bomb at the Women's Media Center

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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David Guirgis is a current high school senior and incoming freshman at Northwestern University pursuing degrees in Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Creative Writing. He is a blogger for F-Bomb, the feminist blog currently under the Women's Media Center and founded by Julie Zeilinger; an editorial staff member for Sex, Etc., a nationally recognized sexual education magazine and website; and a writing intern with The YUNiversity, where he posts every Monday. Of the 4,895 Finalists selected for QuestBridge's National College Match Program, he was selected with two other Finalists to write for QuestBridge's official blog. David has written for such organizations and publications as QuestBridge, Girl Up International, and He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Past Classes

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H318: That Flawless Formation: Intersectional Feminism in Modern Culture in Splash Spring 16 (Apr. 30, 2016)
“That Flawless Formation” is a multifaceted lecture and discussion examining the complicated intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, and inequality through the lens of today’s popular culture and points of conversation. This course aims to explore the meaning of intersectionality in regards to feminism and equality as a whole, with respect to current events. We'll be exploring the definition and central ideas behind intersectional feminism through the lenses of Beyoncé (if the title didn't already give that away!) as well as other news and culture events ranging from #BlackLivesMatter to Caitlyn Jenner.