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HANSEN QIAN, Sophomore CS Major still figuring out life.

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2016

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Hansen is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with an interest in technology. This year, Hansen co-directed 2 HackPrincetons, throwing over two 500+ person hackathons for college students around the area. He's taken a bunch of classes in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and is interested in a vast array of things (don't worry--you can still be undecided in college)!

Past Classes

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M232: Getting Started with iOS Programming in Splash Spring 14 (Apr. 26, 2014)
Ever wanted to make the next Flappy Bird, Venmo, or Snapchat? While we won't make anything that complex, this course will give you a crash course on the basics of XCode, Objective-C, and everything else you need to know to build a simple app (I don't know what we'll build yet, but email me suggestions!). No iOS Experience Required.

M233: Introduction to Random Variables, Probability, and Data Science in Splash Spring 14 (Apr. 26, 2014)
Interested in drawing conclusions from a data set or seeing how random occurrences can lead to something unexpected? This class will introduce you to the basics of data science: probabilities, random variables, expectations, and the like. We will learn the basics of what is covered in an introductory data science class (such as ORF 309).

M84: Introduction to git/GitHub in Splash Spring 13 (Apr. 27, 2013)
How do YOU collaborate on code? Dropbox? Drop it. Come learn an awesome way track and share code with each other! This course will teach you the basic concept of git, and basic ways to operate it! (bad pun, I know.)