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SRISTA TRIPATHI, Princeton sophomore studying Public Policy

Major: Not available.

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Past Classes

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X780: How to Public Speak in Splash 2023 (Apr. 22, 2023)
Want to learn how to speak about a variety of topics confidently? Join some of the leaders of Princeton's public speaking team to learn how to give substantive speeches about different topics. We'll be practicing speeches and public speaking strategies that you can use in any context!

X781: How to Write a Resolution-- A Delegation Class by Princeton's Model United Nations Team in Splash 2023 (Apr. 22, 2023)
Want to learn how to write a resolution in the same format as the United Nations? This class can help teach the valuable skills needed to delegate and collaborate to create solutions to many world issues that the UN tackles daily.