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NICKY STEIDEL, Ptin freshman; undecided! radio!independent music!

Major: Undecided!

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2018

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I like learning and music and stuff! I am Nicky. I am a freshman at Princeton. I DJ at WPRB! I like literature, history, sociology, film, music, philosophy, gender studies, and being indecisive.

I love punk music!!! And independent music of all sorts. I am a feminist and try to be a nice person. I play bass and guitar and drums. I'm from LA. My favorite band right now is Title Fight. I hope you enjoyed my stream-of-consciousness bio.

Past Classes

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A310: Make A Change: American Hardcore and Punk and Politics in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 25, 2015)
We will explore American hardcore/punk music and its implications for various social movements, subcultural and cultural norms, discussions of race and gender, and its implications today.