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NATHANAEL JI, A student of Chem/BioEng, CS, and finance

Major: CBE

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Hi, I'm a senior who's studied a lot of things and worked in a lot of areas. I've had the chance to work in things from academic research to Wall Street (and soon software in a few months), and I'm well aware of the student's struggle to find the right path in life. I look forward to giving absolutely honest insights (that company representatives at career fairs may shy away from) backed with quantitative evidence.

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X485: Choosing a Major and Career: Statistics I Wish Every Student Knew in Splash Spring 2018 (Apr. 21, 2018)
An overview of various career positives, negatives, and random tidbits. College career services are often inadequate in reporting realistic data on jobs (compensation, hours, lifestyle, geographic freedom), and I wish that more students had this information when making one of the most important decisions of their lives: what to focus on for four whole years of college. Special focus on engineering, finance, and management consulting career paths. Taught by a Chemical and Biological Engineering student with minors in Computer Science and Finance, with experience at Tsinghua, Princeton, Citi, and Morgan Stanley.