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MENCH SANTELICES, Princeton freshman studying Mechanical Engineering

Major: MAE

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Hi! I'm a freshman studying mechanical and aerospace engineering. I like art, space, and puns. My name rhymes with bench. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Past Classes

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A555: Intro to Ballroom Dancing in Splash Spring 2019 (Apr. 27, 2019)
Attending a fancy gala soon? Need to bop your way into someone's forgiveness? We can help you with that! We'll go over the basics of waltz and cha cha that'll hopefully have you not looking like an newborn giraffe prancing about the savanna/disco.

A556: Block Printing in Splash Spring 2019 (Apr. 27, 2019)
Learn the basics of block printing! Here you'll get to make what is basically a large rubber stamp of your own design to create prints that you can make again and again!