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LISA HO, ESP Teacher

Major: Computer Science and Engineering

College/Employer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Year of Graduation: 2017

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M263: Codes and Cryptography in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 25, 2015)
For Mary Queen of Scots, a broken cipher meant her execution. For the Allies during WWII, a broken Enigma code meant lives saved and war significantly shorter. When you can read your enemies' private communication, you know what they're thinking and what they're planning--and such information is never a bad thing. Come learn how to send messages that your friends won't be able to read--and even better, how to break the secret messages that other people have sent! We'll cover a few different kinds of ciphers, including Caesar shifts, substitution ciphers, and the Vignere cipher. Most of this will take the form of you all working in groups trying to break code; there will be hints if you need them.