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Major: History

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2024

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Not Available.

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X701: Intro to Italian in Splash 2023 (Apr. 22, 2023)
Have you ever wondered what the names of all those types of pasta mean (or how you actually pronounce them?) Would you like to know what Don Corleone is saying in those parts of the Godfather without subtitles? Look no further. In this class we will try to learn as much basic Italian as possible in two hours. This class will cover basic Italian grammar and words with an emphasis on simple speaking and reading.

H702: Jesus in Christianity and Islam in Splash 2023 (Apr. 22, 2023)
Jesus is an important figure in both Christianity and Islam, although his depiction and role differ across the two religions. This class will provide a simple overview and comparison of the figure of Jesus in both religious traditions by examining a small number of readings from the Bible and the Quran. No specific religious background is required and the class will not argue about the "correctness" of any particular religion.