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ERIK MASSENZIO, Princeton pre-med senior studying Philosophy

Major: Philosophy

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2017

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My name is Erik Massenzio and I am currently a senior at Princeton. I study Philosophy, and will be attending Thomas Jefferson University Medical School next year. In my free time I juggle, read philosophy, and annoy my friends with conversations about astrophysics or metaphysics. Other than that, I love to teach, and am excited to meet you all in April!

Past Classes

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S401: Inside Black Holes: Formation, Physics, and Philosophy in Splash Spring 2017 (Apr. 29, 2017)
Did you know that our best astrophysicists radically disagree about what black holes are? Join us to engage in the cutting edge scientific interpretations of what is inside a black hole, and develop the tools to decide which theory is most sound. You will also consider the philosophical implications and paradoxes surrounding black holes. No previous knowledge required.

S267: What even is your mind? An introduction to consciousness in Splash Spring 15 (Apr. 25, 2015)
Curious about how it is that we are conscious? How do our minds construct a 3D picture of the world and place ourselves in it, colored by emotions and populated with thoughts and memories? How do we even define what consciousness really is? This course will introduce the current theories and recent experiments in neuroscience, philosophy, and computer science about the basis for consciousness, its uniqueness, and the extent to which it can be mimicked.

X166: Intro to Becoming a Memory Champion in Splash Spring 14 (Apr. 26, 2014)
Many people think that memorizing is the most dull and brute-force mental activity available. Actually, memorizing done properly can be one of the quickest and most fun ways to boost creativity! We will be learning how to get started on memorizing names and faces, long lists of numbers, and poems in this class by using the ancient Method of Loci. This is the method used by Memory Champions and can be learned easily!