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ELLIPSES SLAM POETRY, Princeton students performing oral poetry

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Ellipses Slam Team (founded 2012) is Princeton University's first spoken-word poetry organization.

Ellipses members are dedicated to spreading the art and appreciation of poetry by sharing their stories and expressing their unique approach to writing and performance.

Ellipses hosts writing/performance workshops; performs at open mics, ArchSlams, and annual showcases; and competes at regional/national poetry slams.

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A169: Intro to Slam Poetry with Ellipses Slam Team in Splash Spring 14 (Apr. 26, 2014)
Slam poetry, also known as spoken-word or performance poetry, is an art form that is both ancient and modern, traditional and fresh. We'll talk about the origins of slam and the implications of performing the written word and encounter a wide variety of examples. The majority of the class will consist of a writing and performance workshop allowing students to explore this unique art form with the help of members of Princeton's own Ellipses Slam Team.