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CHIRAG BHARADWAJ, Grad student, but won't bite!

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: Grad

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Chirag Bharadwaj is originally from Flushing, NY and is currently a first-year graduate student at Princeton. He just graduated from Cornell in May 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He is 21 years young.

As a graduate student, Chirag actively participates in research in computer architectures at the hardware/software interface. He hopes to explore new directions in this field throughout his graduate career to help evaluate and advance the performance of real-time hardware systems such as accelerators. He currently works with Margaret Martonosi, an award-winning faculty member in the department of Computer Science.

Chirag was a teacher through Splash at Cornell for six semesters (from its inception in Fall 2014 until the time he graduated). In the past, he has taught such topics as the following:

+ Pedagogy in High School Classrooms
+ A Treatise on Complex Analysis
+ A Survey of Japanese Linguistics
+ Special Topics: Legendre Polynomials
+ Musical Groups: Math in Music
+ Techniques in Empirical Analysis

This semester, he will be giving the dual to the Legendre Polynomials lecture; he will attempt to instruct high school students about Laguerre Polynomials, which arise in a similar domain, but are far simpler to analyze.

Past Classes

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M508: Special Topics: Laguerre Polynomials in Splash Spring 2018 (Apr. 21, 2018)
This class introduces some special polynomials used in mathematics. Students will learn about polynomial solutions to differential equations that have rich applications in modern physical chemistry. We will develop a toolkit for differential equation-solving using Victorian algebraic techniques.