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ALEX QUETELL, Princeton senior, dept. of VIS, DAN, GER, & ENV

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Alex Quetell is in the Department of Art and Archaeology, Program II Visual Art. He is pursuing certificates in Dance, Environmental Studies, and German, and focuses most of his energy on dance and performance work. His thesis show “eXcess” is an hour-length multi-media and dance performance that explores technology as a vehicle to detach the human from humanity. eXcess exploits the part format to constitute binaries of low and high class, and nature and technology. The party deconstructs throughout the show to reveal the interrelated, complex organisms that organize and control today’s social structures. Aside from this thesis work, Alex actively performs with student dance groups diSiac Dance Company and Princeton University Ballet, and choreographs for shows in the Dance and Theater programs. He hopefully looks forward to a long career in dance and the arts post-graduation.

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A463: Stop, Drop, Roll - A Movement Party in Splash Spring 2017 (Apr. 29, 2017)
We'll wiggle, choreograph, and experience new ways to move in space. The class is flexible, so both seasoned dancers and people new to dance are encouraged to join! The class will take place in the set of a senior thesis production, and we'll get to play with props and make our own mini set designs. There will be a short performance at the end from the cast members of the thesis show.