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ANNE WEN, Princeton senior from Guam

Major: East Asian Studies

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Anne Wen studies East Asian Studies and hails from the U.S. territory, Guam. She's passionate about journalism and involved in the startup scene on campus.

Past Classes

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X704: Introduction to Startups and Venture Capital in Splash 2023 (Apr. 22, 2023)
What do Apple, Google, and Snapchat all have in common? They all raised venture capital! This introductory course explores the fundamental aspects of venture capital, sheds light on the stages required to secure funding, and provides an overview of the career path as an investor. Participants will gain insight into key terms and concepts that underpin the world of venture capital and develop skills to navigate this complex industry.

H649: Introduction to Guam in Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 09, 2022)
Guam, where's that? Learn about the U.S. territory Guam from a native of the island. Beyond its strategic location as a military base, what more do you know about Guam's history, people, and culture? This class provides an overview of Guam history and will fast forward to talk about the most pressing issues of the current administration. We'll hear about Guam's 60,000 stray dog problem, talk about village fiestas, and see some pictures of beaches.