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CHARLES COPELAND, I study climate change and write poetry

Major: Geoscience

College/Employer: Princeton

Year of Graduation: 2019

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3rd year undergraduate Geoscience major

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X496: Everything you need to know about Climate Change in Splash Spring 2018 (Apr. 21, 2018)
A quick overview of everything you need to know about climate change. Includes the basic science, reasons to act, pathways towards a solution on the problem, and ways you can get involved!

H497: Petroculture: Society and Art in the age of Oil and Climate Change in Splash Spring 2018 (Apr. 21, 2018)
How do fossil fuels impact the aesthetics of our culture? How can art respond to climate change? We'll explore these questions and more with a mix of lecture and interactive activities. Will include watching and analysis of a few movie clips.

X405: Put a Tax on Carbon, Fight Climate Change in Splash Spring 2017 (Apr. 29, 2017)
Feel hopeless about climate change? We want to talk with you about a policy that could actually get something done: a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Not only would such a policy reduce emissions, but it could also improve the economy, and appeal to members of both sides of the political spectrum. Come and ask us other questions about climate change, its various effects, attempts to address it in US politics, and what you can do.