Princeton University Splash

Hello! We are the administrators of Splash! Please click on our names for more accurate descriptions. Besides fulfilling our roles listed below, we are all volunteering on the day of Splash, so please don't hesitate to contact any of us in person if you need assistance of any kind.

Prior Admin Teams: Splash 2019,Splash 2018, Splash 2017, Splash 2016, Splash 2015, Splash 2014

Directors of Princeton Splash 2022

Zachary Tseng


Zack is a junior concentrating in Economics, from Belmont, Massachusetts. Outside of Splash, Zack is also part of Brown Coop, Community House, and writes for Spoon University. When he’s not in class, catch him trying to run and trying to play the cello.

Shirley Yang


A long time student of Columbia and MIT Splash, Shirley is from Queens, New York and a sophomore planning to major in Molecular Biology. She is passionate about combatting inequities in education access and healthcare. Outside of Splash, Shirley is involved with the Princeton HighSteppers, COVID-19 testing lab, Camp Kesem and Matriculate. Her hope as co-director for Splash 2022 is promoting accessibility to financial aid and offering a wide range of classes for student to dive into and find their passions!

Organizing Team

Alexander Yoo

Student Team

Alex is a freshman from Ithaca, NY. He is currently planning to major in either Classics or Computer Science, but he's not sure of any further plans, so he's taking his time to explore his options. In his free time, Alex is trying to watch as many movies as humanly possible. He's looking forward to making Splash as fun as possible!

Annie Cao

Teacher Team

Annie Cao is a freshman from Colorado. She is interested in studying English and enjoys writing, reading, and playing tennis. She looks forward to creating meaningful learning experiences for high school students through Splash!

Autumn Tan

Teacher Team

Autumn is a junior from Dallas, TX studying Computer Science. Outside of the classroom, she’s involved in HackPrinceton, Princeton Women in CS, and Tiger Capital Management. In her free time, she enjoys knitting and listening to music.

Benjamin Mandelbaum

Student Team

Benjamin is a Junior in the Economics department. He is from Livingston, New Jersey. On campus, in addition to Splash, Benjamin is a member of the Princeton Club Football team and the Poker Club. On my free time, he enjoys watching sports, playing video games, and eating crepes.

Bill Ao

Teacher Team

Bill is a sophomore in the COS department from Atlanta, Georgia. On campus, he’s involved with Rehack, Club Tennis, and Chinese Student Association. In his free time, he loves watching Atlanta sports teams as well as listening to Wallows.

Celine Ho


Celine is a Freshman in Forbes college and she ais originally from Toronto, Canada! Celine is also on the AASA frosh board and Princeton Health Literacy Board! In her free time, she enjoys practicing with Princeton’s Badminton team and listening to Travis Scott.

Isabel Schoeman

Student Team

Isabel is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York hoping to major in Public and International Affairs. In addition to Splash, Isabel is an EcoRep Leader on campus and a participant in Princeton's Service Focus program. She loves to read and do jigsaw puzzles in her free time, and she also is obsessed with her dog, Clementine.

Klea Tryfoni

Student Team

Klea is a freshman and very much undecided on her major. She is from Albania and Greece and has an older sister. On campus she is also involved in club swimming, Neurotech club and Engineers without Borders. In her free time, she likes going to Princeton teams' games (any sport really) and cheer on them. She is very excited to be working with Splash and hopes to make this experience amazing for all the participants :)

Martina Qua

Student Team

Martina is a freshman from the Philippines! She is looking to major in Civil and Environmental Engineering, but is also interested in alleviating socioeconomic and educational inequalities. Outside of class, she enjoys dancing, hiking, and watching Ghibli

Mufid Rahman

Student Team

Mufid is a sophomore from Essex, UK. He is looking to major in Philosophy, and after university hopes to pursue a career related to either law or education. In his free time, he likes to play soccer, listen to music, and waste time binge-watching TV. He is excited to engage with high school students and help explore their passions outside of the classroom!

Raheem Idowu

Teacher Team

Raheem is a freshman in the Chemistry department from Trondheim, Norway. He likes to program, jog, and play board games. He is also involved in the Princeton University Science Olympiad.

Sarah Witzman

Teacher Team

Sarah is a senior from Westfield, Indiana majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with certificates in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Spanish, and Dance. Outside of Splash, she’s involved in eXpressions Dance Company and Princeton Rocketry Club. In her free time, she likes to read, crochet, and listen to music.

Directors Emeritus

Anne Wen

Director Emeritus (2020)

Anne Wen, a junior, studies East Asian Studies and journalism. She's part of the Learning Unlimited board, which oversees Splash chapters, and considers SplashCon one of her favorite events in college. When she's not emailing teachers about Splash events, she's dreaming about her beaches back home, on Guam.

Justin Luo

Director Emeritus (2021)

Justin is a junior in the Operations Research and Financial Engineering department from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. On campus, he is involved with Tiger Investments, Club Tennis, and Princeton Debate Panel. When not in class, he can often be found watching food videos on Instagram or playing Smash.

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