Princeton University Splash

Hello! We are the administrators of Splash! Please click on our names for more accurate descriptions. Besides fulfilling our roles listed below, we are all volunteering on the day of Splash, so please don't hesitate to contact any of us in person if you need assistance of any kind.

Prior Admin Teams: Princeton Splash 2017, Princeton Splash 2016, Princeton Splash 2015, Princeton Splash 2014

Directors of Princeton Splash 2018

Christina Sue - Co-Director

Christina is from Queens, New York and a junior in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department. She has varied interests in languages, travel and environmental sustainability. Her hope as co-director for Splash 2018 is promoting accessibility to financial aid and offering a wide range of classes for student to partake in.

Edison Lee - Co-Director

Edison is a junior in the Chemistry department from Plainsboro, New Jersey. He is passionate about teaching and enjoys spending time in the outdoors. He hopes that Splash can help Princeton students see the value (and fun!) in teaching others and to share knowledge among high school students. He looks forward to seeing everyone on campus!

Organizing Team

William Li - Webmaster, Logistics

William Li is a freshman and probable computer science major from Edison, New Jersey. On campus, he is also involved with other events such as PUMaC and HackPrinceton and enjoys playing sports such as ultimate frisbee and ping pong. He always appreciates free bubble tea, and if he has the time, he can be found playing cards and video games with his friends.

Beverly Shen - Logistics

I'm Beverly, a freshman from Los Angeles, California. I'm interested in studying international relations and economics, and I enjoy dancing with Bodyhype Dance Company.

Roger Chen - Logistics

Christie Ulloa - Treasurer

Alex Zhu - Teacher Outreach

Alex Zhu is a freshman from Brookfield, Wisconsin, planning to major in molecular biology. His interests lie in music and student health. On campus, Alex is involved with Princeton University Orchestra and Camerata, as well as the Princeton Public Health Review and Student Health Advisory Board. In his free time, he avidly roots for the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks, and he is always down for a board game night.

Ana Sofia Abufele Handal - Student Outreach

Victor Guan - Design

Victor Guan is a freshman from New York planning to go into Sociology and Visual Arts. His interests lie in graphic design, and creates logos and posters for groups/events on campus. He also really likes breakdancing in Sympoh Dance Company and drawing cartoons.

Karen Ying - Social Chair

A longtime student of MIT Splash, Karen Ying is ready to help run Princeton's. She's an applied math major from Belmont, Massachusetts. If she could teach a class it'd probably be on Ultimate Frisbee because when she's not attending class you'd probably find her with a disc in her hands. Outside of frisbee and Splash, Karen's involved in organizing PUMaC, orientation, and residential college council.

Directors Emeritus

Shefali Nayak - Director Emeritus (2017, 2016)

Roger Peski - Director Emeritus (2017, 2016)

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