Princeton University Splash

Hello! We are the administrators of Splash! Please click on our names for more accurate descriptions. Besides fulfilling our roles listed below, we are all volunteering on the day of Splash, so please don't hesitate to contact any of us in person if you need assistance of any kind.

Prior Admin Teams: Princeton Splash 2014

Valeria Ibarcena and Janice Sung - Directors of Princeton Splash 2015

Princeton Splash 2015 Directors

Pavel Shibayev - Webmaster

Pavel keeps himself busy with condensed matter research and is in charge of organizing events for the PSPS (Princeton Society of Physics Students).

Andrew Chan - Finance Coordinator

Andrew is from Northern California and is studying Molecular Biology. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, learning about the latest scientific breakthroughs, reading postmodern literature, and playing board games (current obsession: Ticket to Ride).

Neyat Fiseha - Teacher Coordinator

Valya Barboy - Volunteer Coordinator

Valya is in charge of booking rooms for Splash. She is also the social chair for the Math Club.

Debbie Yun - Student Outreach Coordinator

Sean Pan - Design

Alan Chang - Director Emeritus

Alan wants to become a Pokemon Master. He is currently single and you can reach him at 212-660-2245

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